cmdfun 1.0.2 2020-10-10

  • Vignette now directs users to cmdfun website:
  • Vignette alteration fixes bug where forcing vignette rebuild writes & cleans up empty dir to userspace if it doesn’t exist to allow rebuild to complete without error
  • exports cmd_list_keep_named and cmd_list_drop_named which are less abstracted than cmd_list_keep/cmd_list_drop for the simple operation of dropping list items by name.

cmdfun 1.0.1 2020-09-20

  • Spell check fixes

cmdfun 1.0.0 Unreleased

  • CRAN Release Candidate

cmdfun 0.2.01 Unreleased

  • fixed error in .Rbuildignore causing failing R CMD CHECK

cmdfun 0.2.00 Unreleased

  • Release candidate for CRAN submission

cmdfun Unreleased

cmdfun Unreleased

  • Changed version numbering scheme to fix my terrible mistakes. This is what I get for implementing a versioning scheme just before bed.

cmdfun Unreleased

cmdfun 0.1.9005 Unreleased

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Renamed cmd_help_parse_flags() processx argument to split_newline
  • Updated maintainer email
  • Copied README text over to cmdfun vignette so pkg will have a vignette